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We teach Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Qi Gong, traditional Chinese weapons and self-defense to people from all walks of life.

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Golden Tiger first opened in 1980 in downtown Kitchener, Ontario, quickly becoming one of the better known martial arts schools in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.In China, the martial arts, wushu, kung fu, wu kung mean the same thing: China kung fu.

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Kung fu Montreal - Northern Shaolin is a Traditional martial art school located downtown.Canadian Ging Wu Kung Fu Martial Art Association is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the Chinese Martial Arts in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.This is why it offers an excellent starting point for real martial arts and self-defense training.You get to choose the courses that interest you and match your training goals.

Golden Tiger School of Kung Fu has been training students in the art of Hung Gar Kung Fu for over 35 years, under the tutelage of Si-Gung, Paul Szasz.As you learn Kung Fu you find that the practice is more than just kicking and punching.

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Want to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu in a safe, non-threatening environment.As you progress through an art you learn the basics, the principles, the forms, the exercises, the applications, but all of these are really a study of yourself.

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Sifu Dan Walls has almost 20 years experience and is a certified Wing Sing Tong Instructor.

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We specialize in Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Karate, Traditional Chinese Weapons, and Lion Dance.

Hundreds of Kung Fu Yes students have enjoyed from this effective learning system.Expert martial arts instruction by Masters with decades of experience.Nowadays most martial arts schools focus on things other than self defense.Rooted in the heritage and spirit of celebrated Kung Fu Masters.Shaolin Kung Fu and Cardio Kickboxing for students of all ages.

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With our Kung Fu Yes system, you will learn how to defend yourselves in dangerous situation.The Hung Gar Style of Kung-Fu is one of the most complete branches of Shaolin Kung-Fu.Lor King Hung and Chin Fong Classes in traditional Chinese Martial Art and.

The aim of the Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu classes for young adults is to develop moral character, internal force, enhance health and mental clarity, and the application of Shaolin Wahnam combat sequences for sparring and self-defense using Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu forms.With 108 drills techniques, 12 hand blocks techniques, 12 kicking techniques, 10 hand forms, 12 weapons forms, 6 set fighting forms, and self defense techniques.Classical, traditional Kung Fu in group classes and private training.