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You obviously know to tip, but how much to give, whom to give it to, and most important, where that money is actually going are still largely a mystery.

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You should tip a hairdresser or barber for haircuts, shampoo, shave, etc.Sometimes there is and sometimes not, and, like most places, it is up to your discretion how much to tip (many restaurants automatically charge anywhere from 10 % to 15% on the bill so be sure to check).

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If you want to become the beloved regular at your bar, tip bartenders generously (50 percent).

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How much to tip airport wheelchair attendants This item appears on page 40 of the August 2011 issue.

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Tip the bellhop for each major task that he or she performs for you.

Visit the post for more. download how much do you tip a bellhop in nyc.If they unload your luggage, tip in proportion to amount and weight.This site contains information on what is considered proper tipping etiquette in different situations.

Of course, more high-end hotel staff expect somewhat higher tips.Out of curiosity, I did some research on tipping practices in the United States.

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The question then is how much to add on to what you already owe.

In tourist zones there are restaurants that attempt to remove confusion by automatically adding the tip to the bill.Tips on Trip Tipping: Giving Gratuities at Disney by Jennifer Watson, Author of PassPorter Travel Guides.

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With a mix of new and old, Germany has stunning cities, countryside, culture, along with world famous beer.

For example, if a waiter is very polite, he moves fast and takes great care of the dining guests at the table then he might be tipped accordingly by his customers.

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Bellhops often wear a uniform (see bell-boy hat ), like certain other page boys or doormen.

Tip your driver at least a dollar per person just for the ride. and a tip if you want your hotel to be the first stop a five or ten at the airport in addition to the normal tip will make that happen.Many people are unsure about proper tipping etiquette for service workers such as the concierge, valet, bellhop, and wait staff.

Today, it is customary to tip various types of service personnel in certain situations.Tipping is always optional although the people serving you will appreciate the small token of your appreciation in exchange for good service.

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Usually, when you enter the restaurant, there is a sign stating the practice and the tip is written.

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This post offers advice on tipping in New York City (and all of North America).At a hotel in Thailand it is nice to tip the bellboy or porter 20 to 50 baht depending on how many bags they carry.

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Tip the same if you request bell staff service while checking out.

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This guide is intended for those who will be tipping in the United States.) Traveling.

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In some, it's considered an insult; in others, it's actually illegal.If a doorman helps you call a cab, one dollar is an appropriate thank you.

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A bellhop (North America) or hotel porter (international) is a hotel porter, who helps patrons with their luggage while checking in or out.