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Infusing water with fruits, herbs, and vegetables is one of the best ways to drink plenty of liquids.

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Simply add your favorite fruit slices to the fruit infusion tube.

I love the taste of infused water, and that there is a lot less sugar than just drinking fruit juice.

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Use some of your favorite fruits to add a hint delicious, fruity flavor.

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The infuser allows the juices to pass from the fruit to the water without pieces of the fruit getting out.

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Last summer I purchased a glass water pitcher that contains a separate cylinder inside for fruit.

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It can be tricky to clean the skinny infusion rod with a sponge.

Keep a pitcher or two in your refrigerator and staying hydrated will be much easier.We all know that drinking water is a necessity and most of us do not get enough of it.Water infuser pitchers are a great way to create unique, healthy flavored waters in the comfort of your own home.Imagine how cool it is to have a glass of iced infused water in this hot summer.The first thing you need to do is get some ingredients to make your water with.

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Fresh fruit infused water, often referred to as aguas frescas, is a refreshing and light non-alcoholic summer drink that is easy to make.Now you can enjoy the natural flavors and other benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables by infusing them into your daily drinking water.

The BPA-free acrylic pitcher has removable hollow rod that can be filled with fruits, citrus wedges, herbs, or savories.

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Ice Insert Fruit Infusion Pitcher-Best For Infused Lemon, Fruit, Herbs Or Tea Beverages.

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The company noted that the pitcher will be its eighth product in the crossover hydration category and is designed to infuse water, tea, spirits and other beverages with natural fruit flavors.

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The Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher allows you to enjoy refreshing lemon water, raspberry iced tea and more, naturally infusing the liquids and the fruits via the open slot in the fruit infusion rod.To make fruit infused water, all you have to do is combine various fruits and herbs in a pitcher, and pour water over them.

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Fruit Infusion Pitchers Create Flavored Water Naturally