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The first time Regarded as the Pot au Feu of Scotland, Scotch Broth is a wonderfully rich, flavorful and satisfying soup that will nourish both body and soul.When I was in first and second year of college, Royal Stag was a luxury.

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These four companies own 62% of the distillation capacity for malt whisky and 85% of the distillation capacity for grain whisky.Scotland is the country that has the longest tradition of making this alcoholic drink and is an exporter of most of the famous brands including renowned Chivas Regal.It is one of the best brands in its segment (blended whiskey).

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Here are three things to take into consideration when newly exploring the world of scotch.

Glenlivet is Excellent Scotch whiskey and deserves our number 1 spot.Go to Yahoo and type in scotch and learn what to expect from the many different styles of scotch.

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In South Africa you can get a bottle for about R200- (under GBP15), similar pricing to your cheaper Johnny Walker and Chivas options but quite impressive for a blend.The first written mention of Scotch whisky is in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, 1495.The range of tastes is so varied, it is hard to answer that question without more information, particularly what you like.

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Your First Bottle of Scotch For many of us young men, buying our first bottle of Scotch can be a tough decision.The typical unifying characteristics of the different classes and types are the fermentation of grains, distillation, and aging in wooden barrels.Occasionally,we used to have scotch whisky like VAT 69,Teachers,100 pipers,Black Dog.

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Single Malt Scotch 10-15 Best Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 10-15 Years Old The earliest known reference of spirits distilling in Scotland is 1494, but it can be assumed that it was practiced there much earlier.

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The youngest release in the Royal Salute portfolio is a blend of 21-year-old single malts, the first benchmark of quality for a uniquely wonderful blended scotch.You will find that scotch is probably the most complex spirit in the world.

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Discover Glengoyne 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Glengoyne 12 Year Old is aged in first-fill Hogshead ex-bourbon barrels and first fill sherry ca.Complete your Scotch collection.