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In terms of chapped lips, prevention and regular maintenance with lip balm is crucial, and is something you should add to your daily routine.

Dry or even chapped lips are such a pain (literally) and are inevitable in winter thanks to the drying effects of the cold weather.Anything that irritates your lips can lead to dryness, peeling and chapping.

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Dry and chapped lips can occur anytime without warning and since the winters are approaching you need to take special care of your lips.Many people use lip balm to prevent or treat dry and chapped lips.The Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask is a thick formula that delivers intense hydration, making it the best lip balm for severely damaged lips.

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There is a need to identify the exact reason for chapped lips and must be cured accordingly.Winter weather equals dry skin, dry hair, and most noticeably chapped lips.

So, with these reasons for chapped lips in your routine, it is tough to have softly moisturized lips throughout the year.

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When there is no care for them, then you will experience the severe effects like blisters, bleeding of the lips.

Here are the best lip balms to treat dry, chapped lips in the winter.

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The very best lip balms, tinted crayons, salves, and stains to try right now.Instead, apply plenty of balm or ointment and turn on the humidifier.Check out cheap drugstore options, pricier Sephora options, and all of the minty, creamy, tropical, and soothing.The iconic medicated lip balm that generations have relied on to soothe and protect dry, chapped lips Original Tube A convenient squeezable medicated lip balm to soothe and protect dry, chapped lips.When I ordered this I did not realize it was the giant version and not a product you can just tote around in your purse.To avoid these from happening, you need to take lip care seriously.

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In this windy and snowy winter weather, lip care is essential to avoid chapped, peeling and painfully dry lips.This lip balm fights off even the toughest of chapped lips in the cold dry winter air and protects in the summer while giving a cute warm tint of color.

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Packed with shea butter and chamomile essence, this is a proven balm to keep on you at all times.

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These lip balms will give you moisturized and smooth lips with a manly scent.Agents such as beeswax and dimethicone, a skin protectant, are often also found in ointment bases.These volatile oils can help treat countless physical and emotional conditions in a natural way.

It can be easy to smile in precious on soothing, soft and moist lips if you use a quality lip balm or moisturizer.

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One filled with chemicals, petroleum, soy, and cheap fillers.

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During the winter season or during dry weather, most of the lips become chapped or dry lips easily.Essential Oils for Chapped Lips If you are familiar with our site, then you will know that we value the natural healing abilities of essential oils very highly.

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Our experts researched dozens of the best lip balm products for chapped lips.

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Plus, it utilizes natural beeswax, olive oil, and vitamin E to protect your lips.As the winter sets in, the cold weather and your constant exposure to the chilly dry winds can lead to a bundle of skin woes, including dry lips.Like your preferred coffee order, your favorite lip quencher likely feels unique to you, even if lots of other people have the same preference.We picked the best performing product that provided the most relief.Once lips are chapped, the more often the moisturizer is applied, the faster the healing process can take place.This balm immediately relieves dryness and soothes chapped, cracked lips on contact.